This blog is produced by business communications consultancy PendryWhite. It is designed to fill a yawning gap between technological innovation and the world of professional communications. It is an overtly technoprogressive blog. To be technoprogressive means offering active support for the convergence of technological change and social change.

Technology can be empowering and liberating when regulated by legitimate democratic and accountable authorities where costs, risks and benefits are shared by the stakeholders. But we recognise that there is no fairness without wealth creation. Wealth creation creates the resources that can be redistributed to build a better world. This blog is therefore interested in the relationship between wealth creation, technology, society, politics and communications.

What is the role of communications in all this? Technologists can often aim for desirable ends but be culturally blind to the human-all-too-human nature of society and politics. Politicians can be in the opposite situation, ducking and diving to survive in the short term with limited understanding of what technology can mean for human aspirations like freedom, security, privacy and material security. Both mean well but often neither understands the other.

Communications is the art of increasing understanding through translation of what different worlds are actually saying. PendryWhite is interested in communications for the technologically engaged business community but Nova goes one step further in order to explore - in digestible short posts - the ethical, political and social implications of a brave new world.